Flutter Internals

Get Involved ❗

This book is a community effort that aims to explain how Flutter actually works in an intuitive, but brief, way.
Given the breadth and scope of the framework, there's a lot of material to cover and a lot of material to review. Suffice to say: we need your help!
Any and all contributions are much appreciated. Keep on reading for ways to get involved.

Ways to contribute

  • Copy editing and structural improvements.
  • Fact checking, corrections, and technical revisions.
  • Expanding sections that are incomplete or outdated.
  • Adding new sections or topics.
  • ... or however you think would be helpful!

How to contribute

  • Use our invite link to join as a contributor.
    • Once you've joined, you'll be able to comment, edit, and review.
  • Start editing! (If adding a new section, please be mindful to mark it as "Work in Progress").
  • See the "Project status" section for pointers to areas needing attention.
  • Add your name to the "Authors" section so you get the credit you deserve!

Project status

  • Needs copy editing
    • (Section) Core
    • (Section) Data Model
    • (Section) Rendering
    • (Section) Interaction
    • (Section) Scrolling
    • (Section) Slivers
    • (Section) Animation
    • (Section) Assets
    • (Section) Text
    • (Section) User Interface
    • (Section) Business Logic
  • Needs expansion
    • Gestures
  • Needs writing
    • Semantics
    • Themes
    • Navigation
    • Material
    • State Management
    • Async Programming
    • Testing



  • Brandon Diamond


  • Ian Hickson